About Carlos A. Navarro

Painting has been a lifelong passion for Carlos A. Navarro. However, few realize that when the time came for him to choose a career path, he initially ventured in to the corporate world. After years of spending long workdays in what he refers to as "too structured" of an environment, Navarro left the business world to rekindle his passion for art. In 1992 the artist was approached by a family friend who offered him work painting a mural for a hotel on South Beach. Although the job eventually fell through, Navarro had already developed various sketches, and decided to commit them to canvas. This was the humble beginning of what has developed into a phenomenal career.

Navarro has been heavily influenced by both his upbringing, and classic Pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring. His own unique style has emerged as he utilizes vibrant colors with black outlines, fusing Pop Art with traditional Miami, Cuban and other contemporary themes. Navarro's work displays a wide range of subject matters, from romantic and nostalgic to humorous and political.

In May 2005, the Smithsonian National Museum displayed Navarro's rendition of legendary salsa queen Celia Cruz in an exhibition called Azucar. The artist presented Celia Cruz with a reproduction of a work he created of her for 'Cuba Nostalgia' in 2001. This annual event in Miami honors Cuba's most glamorous and prosperous period.

The works of Navarro have been celebrated both nationally and internationally. He has been commissioned by companies such as Campo Viejo Wine, Ford Motors, Cuba Nostalgia, Miami Dade Community College, Amigos for Kids and Perry Ellis. His exhibits have been in Italy, Bermuda, Milan and Bergamo. In 2007 he was commissioned by the Super Bowl XLI Host Committee to create a poster and painting for the International Media reception at Vizcaya.

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