Pop Art Artists

The original works of Pop Art artists were created between 1958 and 1975. This movement has been evolving ever since, constantly bridging the various themes and styles of Pop Art artists. The term Pop Art was first coined by Lawrence Alloway, an English art critic, in an edition of Architectural Digest. He used this phrase to describe a break from the elitism that was associated with Abstract Expressionism. This new art focused on the post-war consumerism and materialism that boomed during those years. The point of this new form was to bring art back in to the daily life of Americans; a theme which persists today. Three Pop Art artists stand out from among the founders of this movement, and their work continues to inspire Pop Art artists today.

Andy Warhol
Probably the best known of the original Pop Art artists, Andy Warhol began as a commercial artist creating advertisements. He began his career in Pop Art art in the early 1960's and quickly gained national recognition. He was one of the first Pop Art artists to use repetition as a means of allowing an iconic image to lose all value.

Roy Lichtenstein
After a short stint in the academic world as a professor, Roy Lichtenstein began his career among Pop Art artists in the early 1960's. His first painting used cartoons and images that were derived from commercial print production. His style evolved as his later works featured thick outlines, vibrant colors and Ben-Day dots. Like other Pop Art artists his common themes included consumerism and homemaking. His medium of choice was oil and Magna paint.

Tom Wesselmann
After a two year enlistment in the army and then graduating from college with a degree in psychology, Tom Wesselmann turned his attention to fine art. Unique from other Pop Art artists, his focus was on the classical representation of the nude, still life and landscapes. He is best known for a series of nudes that utilized flat forms and intense colors.

Although the style of these three original Pop Art artists are extremely varied, they continue to influence modern Pop Art Artists such as Romero Britto, Carlos A. Navarro and Tim Rogerson. These contemporaries continue to bring art in to the homes of many Americans who once thought it could only be appreciated in museums.

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