Pop Art Miami Offers Labor Day Discounts

Give The Joyful Gift This Labor Day They Will Never Forget

Miami, FL - (Marketwire - August 31, 2011) - Labor Day weekend is full of sales and promotions; Pop Art is no different. Pop Art Miami will be running a Labor Day weekend sale. They are offering a discount, of 10% off, all of their products, which are purchased online. The Pop Art website features iconic artists such as Romero Britto, Carlos A. Navarro, and Tim Rogerson, who offer a wide array of themes and styles that are sure to brighten any space.

Pop Art Miami proudly features works by renowned artists whom have lead the Neo Pop Art movement, such as: Navarro, Rogerson, and Tag.Link.Category.Britto. They offer art forms of all kinds from beautiful framed art to Disney key chains with Pop Art designs adorning them.

Labor Day is a holiday marked in the retail world as a time for sales -So why not splurge on you, or a friend, or family member, by taking advantage of Pop Art Miami's Labor Day discount. In addition to the 10% discount, they are also offering $9.95 shipping on the entire order.

The themes range from colorful Disney characters to cartoonish portrayals of life. Products also include: classic prints, watches, and dinnerware. You will be sure to find that must-have item.

Pop Art Miami already offers affordable Pop Art, but this Labor Day special makes it even more affordable. Pop Art Miami is dedicated to bringing Pop Art to the homes of art lovers everywhere. In addition, to the online store, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can also visit the location in Dolphin Mall, Miami to take advantage of the Labor Day promotion.

Be sure to take advantage of this Labor Day promotion by visiting from now their website until Monday, September 5th.

Pop Art Miami is dedicated to enriching people's homes and lives with inspirational Pop Art. They are the largest online destination for Pop Art and have the largest online Romero Britto Store.

About Pop Art Miami
Pop Art Miami is an informational portal and Pop Art vendor. They are the largest online destination for Pop Art from Romero Britto, Carlos A. Navarro, and Tim Rogerson. They offer unmatched $9.95 shipping on your order within the USA, as well as competitive international rates. Visit them on the web: www.popartmiami.com

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Why Pop Art Miami?

Pop Art Miami offers a wide array of products from renowned artists Romero Britto, Carlos A. Navarro and Tim Rogerson. Affordable prices, $9.95 shipping on your entire order within the US and competitive rates on international orders set Pop Art Miami ahead of the competition. Our online store is open 24 hours per day and seven days a week. Detailed pictures and descriptions accompany every product on our website, along with clear pricing and expert customer service. Contact us today via email with any questions. Pop Art Miami is the online leader in Pop Art!